Looking for jobs in NZ? Try These Helpful Tips

Looking to establish your career in a new place? New Zealand has a wide range of fantastic job opportunities for foreigners. If you’re planning to work in New Zealand, there are several things you need to prepare for. Try these helpful tips to prepare for life in New Zealand.

Prepare for your New Zealand Job Search

Before you begin applying for jobs in New Zealand, you’ll need to do a fair amount of research about the job market. You can start by looking into New Zealand’s key industries and sectors. It is much easier to find a job in New Zealand if it appears on the Government skills shortage list. If a job appears on a skills shortage list, it means there is demand for skilled workers in that field. You can find more information about New Zealand skills shortages on the Immigration New Zealand website. It is also important to note that New Zealand CVs may have a different style to what you’re accustomed to. So it’s important to get this right when applying for New Zealand jobs. Every detail matters when it comes to the job application process.

Learn About NZ Workplace Culture

New Zealand is very much a laid back place, which is reflected in the workplace culture. The management style in NZ workplaces may be more informal than what you’re used to. At work, everyone is treated equally, and hierarchies are not as important. Superiors are generally addressed by their first name. New Zealand companies also tend to have a smart casual dress code at work, which helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

The social aspect of working in New Zealand is a big part of workplace culture. In many workplaces, superiors and colleagues regularly get together for social events. Whether it be after-work drinks or work parties, there are always opportunities to socialise with your colleagues.

Employers in New Zealand expect certain qualities out of their employees. One of these qualities is a  “can do attitude.” When you get a job in New Zealand, you may be expected to do tasks that aren’t directly related to your role. Employers want their workers to be willing to do any challenge that comes their way. This positive “can do” attitude will get you far in the workplace. In many workplaces, employees are also expected to contribute ideas and feedback. This means you’ll need great communication skills if you want to succeed.

Get to Know the Kiwi Language

When you move to any foreign country, it’s important that you get to know the way of speaking.  New Zealand has its own set of “slang” terms that may be unfamiliar to foreigners. You may also hear the integration of Maori language every now and then. You can familiarise yourself these terms by watching the locals news or popular NZ movies.

When you arrive in New Zealand, make sure to ask a lot of questions if you don’t know what something means. New Zealanders are very friendly and welcoming, and won’t judge you for it. The more you hang around Kiwis, the quicker you’ll master the Kiwi language. Of course, if English isn’t your first language, you’ll have a different set of challenges. Luckily, many employers are happy to provide support under these circumstances.

Get a Support System

Moving to a new country is scary for anybody. But having a good support system behind you is sure to make the whole process easier. If you don’t know anybody who lives in New Zealand, you can still find support elsewhere. There are plenty of opportunities for foreigners to meet new people outside of work. Joining volunteer programs, local-meet ups, social clubs and classes will help you connect to your community. The more locals you meet, the better you will be able to understand kiwi culture.

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