Tips for Crafting Your Own Homemade Gift Hamper

Do you want to send a gift basket to a friend or loved one? Gift hampers in NZ are an excellent gift choice for every occasion. You can create all sorts of fun gift baskets to perfect suit your recipient, whether it’s for a friend’s birthday or a Mother’s Day celebration.

The process of creating a gift hamper can actually be a lot of fun. Here are a few tips on how to make your very own homemade hamper.

What’s the Theme?

The first step in creating your own gift basket is to pick a theme. This might depend on the occasion for the gift hamper. There are many gift basket companies that offer themed gift baskets for sale.

Perhaps you’re choosing a birthday gift for a friend. If that friend is a foodie, you can’t go wrong with a food-themed hamper. Gourmet gift baskets in NZ have become a growing trend. Whether you’re shopping for a corporate gift or an anniversary gift, they’re perfect for any event. Think about what your friend loves to eat and fill your gift hamper with their favourite gourmet treats.

Of course, food hampers aren’t the only way to go. For special occasions like Mother’s day, pamper-themed hampers are a great option. There are many different items you could include here. Scented candles, body scrubs, bath salts and a good book are all items that promote relaxation. What better way to show your mother that you care? Match this with a gorgeous flower bouquet and you’ll have the perfect gift.

Where to Buy Gift Baskets  

There are many great places where you can order custom gift hampers and boxes in NZ. You can find some of the coolest gift baskets in NZ at About Giving. Here you’ll find an array of living tree gifts and custom gift baskets for sale. If you order online, you can get free delivery on gift baskets and hampers.

Make it Personal

The best gift baskets are tailored to the recipient. When you make the effort to send a basket that is personal, it shows that you put thought into the gift and truly had the person in mind. Include items that you know will have a beautiful or fun meaning will leave a greater impression on your recipient.

Perhaps you want to send a gift basket to your significant other. Here you could include anything that has a special meaning for both of you. Choose items that symbolise your relationship, along with some of their favourite goodies.

Don’t forget to add a personalised tag with a thoughtful message. You could use this as an opportunity to explain why you chose the items you did. This will make the hamper even more special to the recipient.

Get Creative

Once you’ve chosen the content for your goodie basket, it’s time to put it all together. Here’s when you can really get creative. What will you use to hold your items? Remember, you don’t have to be limited to a traditional basket to fit your items. From a decorated card box to a vintage bag, anything goes. Use your imagination to create a unique gift crate that reflects the theme of your hamper.

After you have bought your basket or gift box, you can start arranging all the different items.

First, make sure to pack the base of the hamper with some tissue or shredded paper. Then, start filling the gift hamper with the biggest items to make it look full. Fill up all the empty space you have left with the smaller items. Wrap it up with a pretty bow and you’ve made the perfect gift hamper!

Photos courtesy of About Giving

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